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Since 2003, Wiseman Ministries, Inc. has been active in outreach to those seeking freedom from life-controlling issues. In 2008, Wiseman Ministries founded House of Disciples Life Recovery Center in Longview, Texas and, along with our local community, we've grown beyond our walls.

Now, Wiseman Ministries is growing House of Disciples to serve the greater East Texas area with a 150-acre farm. This income-producing farm will not only allow us to continue reaching our 80% self-sufficient mark, but it comes complete with housing for up to 40 people, and plenty of room to grow well beyond that. This farm will allow our residents to experience restoration and recovery.

Recovery affects everyone. We all know someone that has been touched by addiction. By increasing the capacity of House of Disciples Life Recovery Center, we can significantly increase restoration. And by impacting recovery, we improve our community.

Residing away from distraction will increase our chances of helping the resident succeed. Having space and land allows the residents to grow their character in a stable and neutral environment.

The key to a person's recovery is that they find a relationship with God. This foundation is developed through daily quiet time, classroom instruction, mentoring, and work therapy opportunities. This all take place in a home atmosphere where the residents are encouraged to share their gifts and abilities with those around them.


This expansion will allow for us to serve East Texas. Life skills training in farming, welding, mechanics, logistics, and livestock care will allow us to meet so many needs. We will warehouse food and water for disaster relief, provide food grown to feed those in poverty, and have the opportunity to assist in times of families in crisis. Future plans also include a 20-room women and children's facility and a pastor's place designed for recovery and restoration of each individual. The expansion opportunities are endless.


This farm is the largest blackberry farm in East Texas. With the equipment on the property, we will be able to farm 30 acres of blackberry vines and develop another 65 acres.

Every person who purchases our berries and other produce will have the opportunity to find out about our ministry. Besides blackberries, our farm is also producing limited quantities of peaches, plums, nectarines, apples, muscadine grapes, pecans and Catalpa tree worms. We have purchased more bee hives and will have local honey for sale. Please keep this work in your prayers.